Naturist Living Show: School Project and How Naturism Supports Feminism

As many of you know, for over a year now, I've been a regular guest on the Bare Oaks podcast, " nudeseabeach Living Show." The podcast is put together by the owner of Bare Oaks Naturist Park, Stephane Dechenes. And I'll remind you, he's got the only naturist podcast in the world. Given that fact and also no doubt the quality of the show, he pulls an enormous worldwide audience.
Most naturist living show episodes are around 60 minutes or longer. But Stephane merely announced on the latest episode he'll be reducing the duration of each show from now on. An hourlong episode takes lots of editing, and with all the jobs he's going on, I can not blame him for cutting back. Future episodes may be as brief as 20 minutes, according to what the issue is.
Given my contribution and the interesting discussions of the podcast, we're going to devote a fresh section of our site to posting about the latest episodes.
The 71st episode of the naturist dwelling show podcast came out this past Saturday (Nov 29th), and it's called "School Project." Stephane talks to a university student about her very first time trying naturism at Bare Oaks and how her family, friends and boyfriend responded to the notion of it. She also talks about her photography endeavor involving naturists there.
Then he speaks to Alexis Beckett, a former summer employee at the park. You may recall her name from her recent post on the Bare Oaks site, "My experience in naturism as a girl and a feminist." I also mentioned it in our Naked News Roundup. On the podcast, Alexis goes into more detail about why she was drawn to naturism and how she ended up working at Bare Oaks.
Alexis opens with her story about being groped by a random guy at the Toronto World Pride Parade. She'd just been considering going topfree at the parade, til one self-entitled creep made her rethink that notion. nudiste sexy estate 2015 culi belli can legally go topfree in Ontario, just like in New York where I live. I could completely relate to her narrative. Every time I consider going topfree somewhere in public, I 've to take into consideration street harassment and my own security. I've to think about how much unwanted attention I am going to draw to myself.
It is sad that this even needs to be said.
At precisely the same time, I do not mean to imply that covering up is a solution to prevent road harassment. This can be the common "solution" offered by society, and it's less about halting road harassment and more about controlling women's behaviour. In Alexis' case, she was still fully dressed when she was sexually harassed. Hello Kate and naturist staff, Hllo my buffs more. I really hope you enjoy this contri. It was wonderfull for me... This is the very first part of two. Vote me plese, and write me a lot of message with your e-mail address... Thanks a lot Wet kiss to all. Yours Elise Ciao a tutti, Spero vi piaccia questo contributo almeno quanto e piaciuto a me realizzarlo. Mi sono divertita molto, anche pensando a tutti I commenti e i voti che avrei ricevuto. E un servizio fatto in due parti Votatemi e scrivetemi tanti messaggi cerchero di rispondere a piu persone possibili, quindi lasciate sempre lindirizzo email. Vi alleghero anche qualche foto inedita se non vi scoccia. Un bacio umido a tutti voi e grazie del vostro affetto e calore. Elise
She talks about how some folks would consider it her fault for wearing short shorts. I'm looking forward to the day when people stop asking, "What was she wearing?" when things such as this occurs. It's victim-blaming and it is inconsequential, as it occurs to girls no matter their state of dress or undress. But most girls experience street harassment, and I do worry about it more when I go topfree.
So Alexis discovers naturism and Bare Oaks, a safe area that appears to embody her feminist values. She works in the office sans clothing, just like the rest of the staff. Yet she finds that catcalling, sexual harassment, improper touching, objectification, all these issues that women (and other genders) face, are all just about absent from her new surroundings. Now it's a personal club, so clearly there is quality control and rules to be enforced. But
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