Wiener Proposes San Francisco Nudity Ban

San Francisco Nudity Prohibition - Are you aware there's a U.S. city where you can legally walk around unclothed in public anytime you want? It's called San Francisco. Naturally, don't envision an American variant of Cap D'Agde, but there's been a little known group of nudists that gather in a section known as the Castro. They simply hang out in the nude and occasionally pose for pictures with happy tourists. Apart from this little, standard nudie hang-out, the nudity also plays a bigger part in events like the Pride Parade, Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers race with large numbers of naked folks.
Despite a couple of naysayers, the public nudity and naturists have become part of the town's culture. Residents take pride inside as an only-in-San-Francisco thing. Now, however, manager Scott Wiener has proposed a public nudity ban, that will outlaw nudity in city plazas, public transit and on the sidewalks. Nevertheless it'll remain legal for festivals and parades.
Wiener is quoted as saying, "While most individuals in San Francisco, myself included, don't have any trouble with occasional public nudity, we've seen a shift in public approach because of the over-the-top circumstances at Jane Warner Plaza and elsewhere in the Castro." Translation: I am okay with seeing a naked guy once in awhile, like when I inadvertently catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, but, not every day! Not 10 of them all at once!
Wiener has also mentioned complaints of people saying there are naked persons strolling past elementary schools and Girl Scout troops. Yes, well, the kids must not learn the truth: that at least half the world has organs and the rest have vaginas or something in between. And they have among these, and likely will one day see all kinds. So merely cover it up and pretend they don't exist. Besides, kids can just go on the net, browse some porn and understand anatomy from there. That's worked extremely well for us so far, right? Right??
San Francisco Nudity Ban
Ok I'm being facetious. But interestingly, there's another dilemma behind the ban that I Have just seen mentioned in certain posts and not others for some reason: cock rings. It is not merely the day-to-day "adhoc nudist colony" that appears to worry Wiener and others, but the fact that a few guys are wearing cock rings in public. While some say cock rings are sexual and inappropriate, others claim these fall into a "grey area." Yes, they may be used for sexual purposes, but also can be worn only for ornamentation. (FYI, it's a ring worn around the base of the penis, generally to prolong an erection. Don't seek it in Google images, you might regret it.)
Genital jewelry or piercings may also be a contentious problem in the nudist community. Some naturist clubs and nudist bbw prohibit them. Our philosophy is that the ear piercing can be in the same way innocent as a genital piercing. Basically supposing it's not incredibly obscene or giving sexual pleasure, it is fine by us. It is part of our doctrine of recognition. As the owner of Goodland Country Club once said to Jordan, "As far as I'm concerned, as long as someone is not walking around with a dildo up their bum, they can wear any genital jewelry they desire."
Typically it's family-oriented clubs that prohibit genital decorations, due to the presence of kids. I presume it's easy enough to describe it to some curious youngster. For example, you are walking with a kid who points and says, "What's that?"
Parent: " ."
Kid: "Why do they have that?"
Parent: "Because they think it's pretty."
The ending.
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If you need to keep the liberty to go naked in San Francisco, or support others' right to do so, sign this request! And if you are in the area, maybe you need to join this rally on Saturday, October 20.
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