My Bare Cruise Encounter on the Big Nude Boat

Felicity Reviews the Bare Necessities Bare Cruise
Unclothed Cruise - For eight days, Jordan and I sailed the Caribbean Sea on Bare Necessities' 50th nude cruise. Yes, 50th! On the biggest bare boat they have ever chartered. Close to 3,000 naked passengers sailed with us from Ft. Lauderdale to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and back.
As you might have heard from our newsletter, we almost didn't make it on the ship when blizzard Nemo came rolling into town and canceled thousands of flights the day before!
But we got out of Nyc in the nick of time and onto the boat that first day.
We set sail late day and once we were 3 miles out, ournaked cruise manager declared that we could get naked!
There was some clapping and cheering as the bare cruise formally started and folks began getting naked aboardthe cruise ship!
The NakedCruise Aboard The Big Nude Boat:
When they said Big Nude Boat, they weren't kidding. There were 10 or 11 levels. You could run into someone once and then not see them again for days. The weather was bright and warm every day and most people spent the daytime on the upper outside decks, sunbathing bare or relaxing naked in one of the pools or hot tubs.
On these decks, there were two outside pools, several hot tubs, and a giant water slide! There was also a basketball court and miniature golf course. The hot tub had its own hot tub, sauna and steam room.
My only dilemma was that with the exclusion of the hot tub's indoor whirlpool, all the hot tubs were more like warm tubs, and I found them too cold for comfort at night. Besides that, a wonderful boat.
Food and Beverages During The Nude Cruise:
Food, glorious food! If any of you've ever been on a Carnival cruise before, you understand how much food is available on these ships. At breakfast and lunch there were enormous buffets with a huge assortment of cuisines. young teen nudist and pizza were available all day long. At night you could dine fancier at among the eateries with even better food.
There were vegetarian choices nightly, though vegans might find it a bit more challenging to eat. It was simple to indulge, but there was also no lack of healthier cuisine. I appreciated that there was a symbol signifying healthy alternatives on the restaurant menus.
There were two bars one could sit at for drinks on nude pagents , or obviously you could lounge in a seat and be waited on. Pop and alcoholic beverages cost extra. The alcoholic drinks were a bit pricey, but good. There were lots of tables and chairs to sit and eat lunch or dinner outside at the same time.
*Before I left out this one part, because I didn't need to sour the rest of the review, but I have to be honest with you all - I got food poisoning.
I was violently ill the last day and a half of the cruise, together with 50 other passengers. That isn't entirely uncommon on cruise trips. I mightn't let this keep you from taking a bare cruise, but it does happen.
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