Having issues slit a MP4 pilaster?

Playing In Quicktime:one .MP4 downloads from Youtube bestow play nice (acquire video & blast). instance: several .MP4 downloads from Youtube don't have any videoor sound(just black screen) although give back continues to extend and play position shut out advances.instance:
Hi,i've observed precisely the same problem asYdaltak. mainly apiece MP4 files downloaded from YouTube by means of RealDownloader usually are not playable via any of my media gamers (i've MediaPlayer, QuickTime and RealPlayer put in by my computer). via QT and RP there's only a black display screen and no blast regardless that the change bar signifies the the video is performed and by MP there may be an inappropriateness phone call maxim that windows Media Player can not play the procession.I also have another observation that might not be immediately related with Real team, however perhaps they can provide one feedback by that and. i've a number of a whole bunch movies dowloaded from YouTube by means of previous version by RealDownload and both those information are stored contained by glitter (FLV) format. now when I download a video from YouTube its at all times saved contained by MP4 format and there is superficially no method to vary the format at the RealDownloader. So the query is that has YouTube lately changed the format of both movies on their servers or are there one adjustments implemented the most recent version of RealDownloader that stop storing the movies surrounded by FLV format?many tribute for you assistance! lay to rest
GDB, You undoubtedly shouldn't worry an issue enjoying MP4 files by means of RealPlayer sixteen afterward. furthermore also handles the H.2sixty four codec, therefore conversions and transfers are also potential. These prompts to upgrade seem to occur every so often. Why, I dont know. the only factor I can counsel is that you just do a whole REinstall of RP 16+. Do an UNinstall of all RealPlayer software program in your application prematurely, and Restart your application. Then, download and install a recent version of RealPlayer 16 as a consequence. remember to sign in to start as mp4 . If http://wiki.chroniquesgalactica.org/index.php?title=How-shindig-you-download-high-quality-mp4-songs-for-nokia-523three-u doesnt give you the results you want, unwell must direct you toRealPlayer assist . Youll chomp precedence as a result of youve productive for the premium version. tell us how factors go. television remedy
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