HOW TO obtain MP4 movies

Hi Tom,I left a comment yesterday here by the side of my RP MP4 drawback. nonetheless I dont blind date the remark. Anyway as you instructed I uninstall RP and turnoff and restart my laptop computer and then I downloaded the most recent version of RP however nonetheless not enjoying mp4 format. whatsoever else do you recommend to do? Please allocate me know i have essential videos and really want them. Please help. ! reply
Get extra particulars concerning the clasp by right-clicking on the thumbnail and deciding on fold data/Edit fold data. It cnext tofirms the subtitle, MP4 format, pillar dimension, quality (as Kbps), audio channels, display screen dimensions, source, and where the pole is stored.
If you need help utilizing the RealPlayer to convert .mp4 to .flv let us know and we may also help.
I simply downloaded the brand new model of real player and downloaded MP4 movies to my library however they don't rough and tumble and also they do not convert to MP3 Audio ( uuuh clearly i do know) class i used to be capable of via ones downloaded as flv from Youtube.How can i achieve no matter what i need ie to play the movies surrounded by my actualparticipant or windows media and convert to music only for on life my very own movies.Thanksurrounded byg you in advance.
My realplayer only downloads inside mp4 format as a substitute of the FLV. How will we achieve back the older model in view of that we are able to go out with anything we've downloaded. the MP4 format is taking on area but not enjoying.

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