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ScullyTotals is based on a statistical model that incorporates 42 variables for NFL Football Weather Report . The algorithm relies on five years of data from 2004 through dos mil ocho to then compare today's matchups contra historical trends. Emphasis is placed on rushing efficiency, passing efficiency, QB rating, average points, first down proficiency, and turnovers.

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As for the Arizona game, I'm very surprised sixty something percent of the public is picking Carolina. Maybe because they haven't lost at home this year? Or because they were up treinta y uno-0 against a weak Seattle team? Seattle shouldn't have even been there if it wasn't for the Vikings kicker. I'm not convinced on Carolina. They've had close games with weak teams. Arizona is solid and I'm glad my statistical models are picking the Cardinals.

With each forecast, several filters are applied to identify the most conveniente outcomes that make money. ScullyTotals does this by only outputting betting advice where value” exists with oddsmaker lines. In other words, if Vegas believes the total predicted point is cuarenta y cinco yet the algorithm says 55 then there is a significant difference and the computer program will make a bet recommendation.
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