First Societal Unclothed Encounter at a Summer Camp Bathhouse

(a Social NudeGuest Blog)
My first Social Nude situation and being naked in front of a group of other individuals occurred at a communal bathhouse. It was at a summer youth camp, and the common bathing space made a big job easier and more practical. It was also my first exposure to exposure.
The bathhouse had a little tub along with a shower stalls. I needed to take a shower and never sit around a tub full of nude people merely chatting while their stark reality was hanging in plain sight. It was really difficult, as I had arrived in evening, when everyone was cramming into the shower area. was young and they were young. I discovered, to my amazement, that everyone was thoroughly unafraid to strut around completely nude. As if their birthday suit was like any other outfit.
Societal Bare Scenario In a public Locker Room Shower
Fully being a minor and unaccustomed to a room full of at least half a dozen other naked lads, I simply stood there, horrified by what I saw, in my flip flops and pool short pants. I carried on to shower with my shorts still on.
nudists came up to me and advised me this wasn't advisable. He described the soap would not entirely wash off and the final result would be an unpleasant itch or rash.
I've been posting on nude beach BB for ages, and thought it was time to possess a 'chance' at these competitions to find out how I Had go. I am aware that at 38 I 'm barely a chance from the friendly young girls who post, but hey - you only live once! So, here goes. My favourite 'sexy backside' pictures that I possibly could locate. I hope you all love them and at least comment back to me for a chat! Oh, by the way - I am an aussie, so all you aussie nudist fans out there say HI and I'll write back to you personally too. Fingers crossed for some fine comments young nudist sex and a number of votes. Love, Fruswife. P.S. I am hoping you enjoy heels, cos that's the only shoes I wear!

Still not comfy, I proceeded to take my shower without removing my shorts. I did my best to shower and wash off all the soap. I improvised by opening my trousers enough that the somewhat forceful shower sprayed against my groin. The mature boyslaughed at .
While I was ashamed of not being man enough to dance and revel in my own nakedness, it was my first step on the long road to emotional adulthood.
As for hygiene, it seems that it is in fact best to shower completely naked. Some soap remained on my bathing suit, and I developed a minor itch as by body dried. I ended up having to goback at midnight and re-bathe while young nudist sex hanging particles were fully unfurled. Social nudity,for me, at that age, was much less easy as removing my clothes. Though I wish it were!
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