I am sorry, officer.. I forgot I was nude! Where Can I Be Unclothed ?

Be Naked By Felicity Jones
Where Can I Be Naked - In my last post, I suggested hanging out in your home in the nude. But as I briefly mentioned, this can get complicated if and when you become observable to your own neighbors. I myself have many large, open windows in my house downstairs so I have a tendency to stay within my room naked. I've done a little research about the laws with this, and it seems to come down to what is public vs. private.
Everyone can have solitude within their own home, and consequently it is good to be naked there. But if you go pose like a naked mannequin in front of the huge clear window of your living room where passersby can see you from the street, that can be an issue. You're observable to people.
Someone could see you and call the authorities to charge you with indecent exposure. The nudity laws can also be about goals, whether you're planning to be lewd, or if you actually had no idea you might be seen, by which case you may not get convicted.
Really though, I think nudity in your house is totally good if you perhaps invest in some drapes and you aren't pressing yourself up against the window!
Excuse me. May I Be Bare Here Please ?
Going young naturism in your backyard, nevertheless, may be another story. I just recently came across an article about a Canadian guy who tried to claim the right to be nude everywhere on his own property and in his house.
That would seem to be rational thought, but his neighbors put in charges when they saw him. There was also a recent incident in NJ of a guy was detained after he walked outside in the morning to get his paper, stark naked.
In short, this appears to be a common incident- step out the door bare onto the soft earth to have the liberating experience I described, and end up in the rear of a cop car. So there's also a humorous, ridiculous mp4 I saw a few years past.
The neighbors' reactions are actually hilarious, "I feel like we're trapped!" Trapped by a nude girl hanging out in her backyard by https://meidachengders1985.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/its-summer-there-is-a-whole-newd-world-out-there/ ? (And the kids! Don't get me started on the children, I 'll discuss that in a future post!)
Watch the avi here It Is fairly amusing and enlightening on how nudity is viewed in American culture.
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