Ex ClothesFree.com Naturist Clip Producer: Felicity Jones, Corky just advised me that a new edit is

Jordan Blum: http://www.wlusp.com/forum/discussion/12105/secret-naturist is not the lack of showing penises per se It is just that it comes off like any MTV avi where you've got the men singing and the girls prancing around. It's just the same ole tactic of using sex to sell. If that was the purpose then your heart demographic will be just like the Maxim Magazine readers - not the naturist community. I imagine the questions are - who are the target audience and what's the message (if there's a noteworthy one)
You are entitled to your own opinion but are you a paying subscriber on the website? I am guessing not - Corky will listen to complaints from paid subscribers, some of whom are senior old-fashioned families.
I am only voicing my support for well produced work and expressing my gratitude for this, not whining.
Jordan Blum: It is a well produced avi - no doubt but it is reminiscent of the type of items that Internaturally used to sell. I personally tend not to see the purpose in such videos aside from making money (again - I simply do not believe the the movie will have any interest for true naturists - but then again, I don't believe most of the videos out there are really geared towards true naturists anyway. They merely use the term to promote and sell things to mainstream. Nude girls = $$)
This post about the clothesfree.com naturist mp4 was released by Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
After all of this discussion, I 'd an optimistic outlook on how ClothesFree.com would handle their nudist videos in the foreseeable future. Two weeks after, I can proudly say that appears to be accurate. nude beach model was released last week of the Bare Burro 5K race at Olive Dell Ranch. It takes a more fun, care free strategy with a varied form of individuals and the voyeuristic shots appear to happen to be left on the cutting room floor.
*EDIT* - May 17th, 2014 - This naturist avi by ClothesFree.com appears to have been taken down for some reason. We'll restore it when / if it becomes available again.
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I have been posting on nude beach BB for ages, and believed it was time to have a 'crack' at these competitions to see how I Had go. I know that at 38 I 'm barely a chance against the friendly young girls who post, but hey - you only live once! So, here goes. My favourite 'sexy back' pictures that I could find. I am hoping you all enjoy them and at least comment back to me to get a chat! Oh, by the way - I'm an aussie, so all you aussie naturist fans out there say HI and I Will write back to you personally also. Fingers crossed for some nice remarks http://vidrieriarivenseonline.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=269223 along with a few votes. Love, Fruswife. P.S. I really hope you enjoy heels, cos that is the only shoes I wear!

http://vidrieriarivenseonline.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=269223 : What's "youthful"? Is there an age limit for attending FKKevents? Or can I be a young nudie, in spirit?
Reply: We do not have an age limit. While many FKK'ers are young, we
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