Addressing issues and answering questions

When we bought our new health spa, Terlam in Fords, NJ, we were conscious that some of the present members would have concerns with us holding naturist occasions there. The follow ing is an open letter that addresses those concerns.
FKK's new gym / spa - Terlam
Beloved Terlam Members,
It has come to our attention that some of the Terlam members and Fords community had questions or concerns regarding the FKK Nude Sunday occasions at Terlam. Please bear with me as milf beach will do my best to explain what we do as well as what we stand for.
FKK is an abbreviation of Naturist Portal. It was founded by Felicity and I in 2011 with the intent of growing naturism and its fundamental principals and values.
Naturism is a philosophy and way of life that's shared by folks from all walks of life in every corner of the globe. Naturists believe that an individual should be judged according to their character and how they behave, not based on their job, how they look or how much money they will have.
For those who see the world as we do, the nude human body is no more sexual than a clothed . The truth is, we argue that clothing sexualize folks far more than simple nudity.
We use social nudity to encourage toleration. We believe in equality and by removing garments, we also remove social blots, status symbols and prejudice. Without such status symbols, a janitor becomes indistinguishable from a lawyer and hence they are both on an even playing-field.
Some of the important issues that FKK tackles as an organization are body image and body acceptance, behavioral problems for example intimidation and fat shaming, women's rights, child pornography, sexuality-related matters etc.
Both Felicity and I have been naturists since the day we were born. For us, the sight of the nude human form is nothing black. With that said, we understand that some people may believe otherwise, which is why we are doing our best to educate the public about what naturism, in its purest form, actually is.
You might have read that we are letting adolescents from a certain age attend our events unaccompanied by an adult. Since there's nothing sexual about our events, try to think of it as though they may be going to your PG film. If they can afford the price of admission then there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to join. We offer a safe, family-friendly environment for people who share our values and morals.
There has additionally been concern over the nude use of our swimming pool. Naturists know that they must shower before entering the pool. This really is normal practice at every single naturist or naturist site. In fact, swimming unclothed is much better for many health reasons. Additionally, there are quite several sanitary advantages. Bathing suits often feature dirt, detergents, dyes, and other household chemicals. Additionally, most non naturist swimming pools don't enforce a "shower before swimming" policy so chances are that a naturist pool will be much cleaner with less compounds.
When using the workout gear, naturists consistently sit on a towel and use while wearing shoes. This really is far cleaner than sitting on the bikes with sweaty workout fabrics. Since naturists are extremely respectful, most will really wipe down the machines personally after they use them, even though there's absolutely no real motive to do this.
Hopefully, this will set most of your issues at ease. I recognize the first news of these events may have come as a bit of a shock and the reaction is understandable.
When we let our imaginations run wild, the fantasy is usually much more extreme than reality.
If you might have any additional issues, I'll be more than happy to answer them. check it am also willing to come and do a group discussion too.
With Love,
Jordan & Fe
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