According to the Free Larsen's Strand website, (, which is currently inactive,

The map of Paradise Ranch private surveyor Hiranaka is inaccurate and incorrect depicts the fencing as outside the state Conservation District, when in fact, it is inside the state Conservation District. As Bruce Laymon no longer has a state Conservation District Use Permit to do work within 300 feet of the shoreline, that part of the fencing blocking off the gradual, sidelong trail is illegal.
Based on an article in The Honolulu Advertiser, Robert Schleck, Manager of Waioli Corporation and Laymon maintain they never thought to block public use of the sand, but do not need folks going over Waioli acreage anymore. Both promised no new fencing would be added until a functional county accessibility is in place. Critics of Laymon assert it is possible to fertilize the entire isle with all the bullshit he has given to the mainstream media.
As for the physical bullying and harassment of nudists and homosexuals, a voicemail message was left with Laymon's lawyer requesting opinion and wasn't responded to.
A more recent development came to light in recent months with what community activists call russian nudist family photos . On Nov. 7, Robert Schleck, maintained there was no quarry operation going on at Lepeuli; it was . The land is currently used for cattle grazing, and removing the rock heaps frees pasture. The rocks taken were used to restore two of the island's reservoirs, photo gallery nudist said.
nudism group
But even a passing glance at photographs taken at your website confirmed the rocks were really excavated from an outcrop, not from clearing a pasture of rocks piled up by previous farming operations. That is verified in a letter from Univ. of Hawaii Volcanologist Scott Rowland sent to community activist Richard Spacer. Mr. Spacer is also the Naturist Action Committee Area Representative with responsibility for Hawaii, and founded Kauai Naturists, which is both a social group as well as a political action group.
One particular photograph shows what used to be the Lepeuli Stream, where they got the stone from, a stream which Waioli refused existed. Like many Hawaiian streams, the water used to be redirected to the sugar cane fields. Today with that practice gone, Native Hawaiians are demanding that water flow back into the streams. Water rights are a public trust and never private property in accordance with recent case law, a fact either lost or refused on the part of the corporation.
On Aug. 23, 2011, County Planning Director Michael Dahilig sent a zoning compliance notice to landowner Waioli Corporation, telling them to cease and desist industrial work at Lepeuli and relocate to an appropriate land use district.
During our review, there was evidence of quarrying, thus a breach notice was sent to Waioli Corporation, Dahilig said, but the corporation was also enabled to remove already crushed stone within an agreement.
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According to Richard Spacer, a lot of people in the community consider both years of harassment was a prelude to getting the entire region sanitized for the stone quarry operation.
Laymon and Waioli simply did not need the public to wander around and notice such activity, but the public took notice anyhow. For over a year
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