PlayStation 3 Slim Review

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Review
Even right after minutes while using new PS3 it appears across like a spectacular console. With it we percieve Sony branching out of your dedicated games console in the full all-round entertainment package! A role the PlayStation 3 really makes a! It's 32% smaller, 36% lighter and consuming 34% less power versus the original PLAYSTATION 3 models. With the 120GB hard disk drive from the PlayStation 3 Slim, also you can store more downloadable games, music, photos, videos and even more! PlayStation network members have downloadable applications at their fingertips, including the gaming community PlayStation Home!
To make reading easy I've split the PlayStation 3 Slim into its Pro's and Con's (I struggled to seek out these!):
The Pro's
oVery stylish design (a mat finish means no fingerprints!) iTunes Gift Card Generator and quiet operation.
oAn simple to use interface (as usual with Sony products)
oAll games played in HD
oPlays Blu-ray discs whilst also upscales standard DVDs for much more viewing pleasure
o120GB disk drive without external power supply
oComes with online with free streaming gameplay and gaming service
oPlays all PS2 and PS1 games
oHas built-in Wi-Fi and flash media reader
oComes with Bravia Sync
oShipped with firmware 3
The Con's
oOnly 2 USB ports
oOnly works with Bluetooth remotes (although an isolated is roofed)
oNo card reader
The Verdict
A fantastic console! Bringing High Def gaming, Blu-ray DVD, web surfing and even more all into one placed the new PS3 slim is really worth its cost tag!


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