Jagex alters the old XP tracker

As you probably know, the XP tracker became discontinued and replaced with a background-less variant of the RuneMetrics tab on July 4, 2016. It usually means that you're able to use the new XP Counter to calculate your XP beneath the"Metrics" tab of this RuneMetrics menu. However, several of you are not happy with the new XP tracker, and telephone for Jagex to reunite the old one. Or provide you with options between the old and new tracker. Don't forget to Buy RS 2007 Gold on RSorder so you can boost your XP efficiently.

1. It's hard to use since the icons are on the incorrect side, the XP drops don't exist, according to some players' descriptions. In addition, it kept cluttering itself with far too many skills, and it only felt bothersome to have to handle it.

2. It glitches all the time and informs me I have more/less at a skill in which I actually have (Ex: it seems that I have 10m in summoning when I do not, I really do in strength), one of the players said. And some fixes take more time to execute.

3. Some of you'd love to get a long-term tracker.

Suggestions on the XP tracker in RS:

In all honesty, Jagex alters the old XP tracker in order that it may make things better. So, why don't you take the time to learn about the new system? Due to some glitches, it is better to bring back the retro version until the newer one works reliably. The only thing I would ever want from the new one is the ability to left or right-align the icons, together with the XP drops for the individual abilities that they are coming out with soon. A gamer advised. If the new XP Counter varies, it would be better than now without a doubt.

Meanwhile, it is possible to make it look almost exactly like the old one, and even restrict the number of icons to include as many or as few as you desire. It isn't that difficult to go into the RuneMetrics settings/Edit Mode to change this.

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